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Citrus limonum 5 ml, therapeutic grade, time-tested essential oil

This essential oil both strengthens and supports the immune system.  Its mild anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties combined with its ability to enhance the activity of the white blood cells make it a potent support for the immune and lymphatic system.  Inhale it straight from the bottle or add a few drops to hot water for a steam inhalation (place a towel over your head creating a tent over the hot water bowl - make sure that your head is far enough away from the water so as not to irritate the eyes or skin.)
Lemon displays a strong ability to decongest and detoxify.  Massage a few drops onto the sole of the feet and put on warm socks.  For the lymphatic system massage a few drops of oil where the ankle bone meets the metatarsals on the top of the foot.

Lemon essential oils clears charged emotions, sharpens the mind and opens the throat chakra so that the person can freely and confidentially express clearly what needs to be said.  It instills a sense of joy and optimism.  A clear and focused mind combined with the feelings of joy and optimism is the best weapon against depression.  Inhale Lemon essential oil by placing one drop into the palm of your left hand and rub your hands together for a moment. 

To clear the air from airborne germs and to dissipate an energetically charged situation, create a lemon spray by combining 8 drops of Lemon essential oil to 2 fluid oz. of water.  Shake and spray.

Please note that Lemon essential oil is photo-toxic and makes the skin sensitive to ultraviolet rays.  Avoid sun exposure or use sunscreen when applied to the skin.  Do not use Lemon essential oil in a hot bath as it will irritate the skin.

The recommended uses are meant to be guidelines.  Essential oils are potent tools to prevent, maintain and enhance physical and all encompassing well-being.  Scentsible Life does not recommend self-diagnoses or treatment of any minor or major aliment.  Please consult with a professional health care provider.  If you would like to have an profession treatment with essential oils contact us at  Scentsible Life also offers essential oil classes if you would like to become more familiar with the oils.  Upon completion of the basic training program you can become a member and have access to all of the other essential oils, as well as educational tools. 

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