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Tea Tree


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Melaleuca alternifolia 5 ml, Essential oil

Tea Tree is very well researched for being a powerful anti-biotic, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral essential oil with the added capability of being a powerful immune system stimulant.  For those that are immune compromised or are slow to recover from illnesses, this essential oil can be a valuable addition to any regular regime.  For colds, flu and infectious illnesses, it will help you when used at the first sign of these illness.  It might stimulate profuse sweating which is a valuable response to infection.  On many occasions this will be enough to stop the illness from developing and if not, may greatly reduce the severity and help to prevent secondary infections.  It does not do it by suppressing the infection, but by actively battling it.  Tea Tree is able to kill harmful bacteria without disturbing the normal bacteria in the body.  Add a few drops of Tea Tree to a steam inhalation (place a towel over the head to create a tent over hot water - make sure to not to get too close to the hot water as it will irritate the eyes and skin).  Tea Tree works well for treating acne, cold sores and athlete's foot.  You can massage it directly into the affected areas.  Studies also have revealed that Tea Tree, when used as a preventative measure on patients before surgery, resulted in the patient building strength and therefore recovering faster post-operation.  Other studies have shown that Tea Tree works very well in the recovering phase or after chemotherapy or other treatments that depress the immune system.  Massage a few drops onto both of your arms or get a gentle, relaxing Swedish massage using a massage oil consisting of 6 drops of Tea Tree combined with 4 fluid oz. of either almond or sesame oil. 

Tea Tree is an essential oil that has no historical, archetypal energy.  It is an essential oil that represents the new.  It helps people to feel at ease in any situation.  It will help to build the strength and confidence to be present without fear.  It is especially great for those who are uncomfortable and afraid in new and unfamiliar situations.  Tea Tree helps to relax the body, calms the mind and eases mind-chatter.  Prepare a foot bath and add two or three drops of Tea Tree and soak for 20 to 30 minutes.  You may need to do this foot bath treatment on a regular basis for the feeling of confidence and strength to grow. 

The recommended uses are meant to be guidelines.  Essential oils are potent tools to prevent, maintain and enhance physical and all encompassing well-being.  Scentsible Life does not recommend self-diagnoses or treatment of any minor or major aliment.  Please consult with a professional health care provider.  If you would like to have an professional treatment with essential oils contact us at  Scentsible Life also offers essential oil classes if you would like to become more familiar with the oils.  Upon completion of the basic training program you can become a member and have access to all of the other essential oils, as well as other educational tools.

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