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Essential Oils

Scentsible Life offer you the best Essential Oils at the best price. All our products are grown in the region of the world where the plant naturally originates from. This provides the optimal growing condition for the plant and creates the best oils possible. The plants are then harvested and distilled in small quantities, at the safest temperatures possible so that none of the constituents in the oils are broken down or destroyed. The oils are then aged until the chemical chain matches that which the pant excretes naturally. The oils then come to us and settle in our session room until they are fully activated, then we hand bottle each one with love to be used by in our sessions or by you. This tight quality control means you get the highest quality oil that's been sustainably grown, harvested and activated by people who truly care about the healing process these oils will bring to the world.

Such high quality oils are hard to find, and we are lucky to have a connection with our growers and distillers. The quantity and quality of the crop depends on the seasons and other environmental conditions. As we only buy the highest quality products our prices can change depending on availability, and sometimes an oil is out of stock until more can be grown and properly distilled. We hope you understand our commitment to working with nature and our small business partners. We appreciate your support and patience and will do what we can to help you get the healing you need.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.