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5 ml, therapeutic grade Essential Oil

Latin Name: Eucalyptus Globulus

Plant Info: This native tree to Australia and Tasmania is home to many koalas (the only mammal that can consume eucalyptus). Now found on many continents. At present, about 25 Eucalyptus species are used to produce oil. They can be divided into two classes: We only carry Medicinal Oil.

1.) Medicinal Oils, which contain substantial amounts of eucalyptol, aka cineole.

2.) Industrial oils that contain substantial quantities of terpenes.

Parts Used: Leaves and Twigs

Native To: Australia

Characteristics: A colorless or pale yellow oil with a somewhat campherous aroma. DO NOT CONSUME! Only smell the scent and apply topically - never take internally.


Eucalyptus essential oil can calm painful or overworked muscles by increasing blood flow and muscle temperature. When muscles are fatigue or if you suffer from chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, apply topically to the effected areas or relax with a simple foot bath or body bath. For respiratory ailments, it's a strong expectorant and can be used when the lungs are congested, yet at the same time it can soothe unproductive coughs. From mild winter colds to many asthmatic symptoms, bronchitis, sinusitis, and even tuberculosis, Eucalyptus Globulus is a great aid in keeping the airways clean and clear.

There are so many amazing properties of Eucalyptus Globulous Essential Oil that we can't possibly list them all on our website. Instead, we strongly encourage you to contact us before your purchase so we can give you specific information on how to use this oil to benefit your specific needs. Andrea Schally, our internationally certified Aromatherapist (helping guide people with oils since 1994), can assist in helping you with the proper and safe use of all our essential oils.

Active Constituents: The medicinal grade is 95% oxide 1.8 cineole, also known as eucalyptol. It also contains: monoterpenes such as pinene, Cymene, and other terpenes such as limonene, terpinene, the monoterpene phellandrene and the sesquiterpene caryphyllene.

Safety Precautions: Follow General Essential Oil Safety and DO NOT CONSUME! Not suitable for internal use.

The recommended uses are meant to be guidelines.  Essential oils are potent tools to prevent, maintain and enhance physical and all encompassing well-being. Scentsible Life does not recommend self-diagnoses or treatment of any minor or major aliment.  Please consult with a professional health care provider before use (book an online or in person consultation with our doctor here).

If you would like a professional treatment with essential oils book a session online or contact us here.