Lavender, High Alpine

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5 ml, therapeutic grade Essential Oil

Latin Name: Lavendula augustifolia

Plant Info: This is a dwarf shrub, yielding a relatively small amount of oil. It is distinguished from other lavender oils by being entirely free of camphor. It's natural habitat is restricted to a small area 3,280 feet above sea level. This product is the true Lavender that grows wild in the French Alps. It's smaller blossoms produce the finest Essential Oils compared to other species of Lavender.

Parts Used: Flowering Tops

Native To: Europe, North Africa, and India

Characteristics: A colorless to pale yellow or yellowish green oil. Slick between the fingers, it is quick to absorb into the skin. When consumed, the taste can be somewhat sharp.


Active Constituents: High Alpine Lavender - high content of esters such as linalyl butyrate, and geranyl acetate. Also contains linalol, -ocimeme, cineole, limonene, -pinene, coumarine, borneol, ethyl amyl ketone, and sesquiterpene, carohpyllene oxide.

Safety Precautions: Follow General Essential Oil Safety

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