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5 ml, therapeutic grade Essential Oil

Latin Name: Lavendula augustifolia

Plant Info: Derived from the Latin root, lavare, meaning 'to wash', the Romans used Lavender as a bathing herb to cleanse the body. Lavender's burn healing properties were discovered by accident, when a scientist experienced a bad burn and poured Lavender over the burn. He found that the essential oil healed the burn without leaving a scar.

Parts Used: Flowering Tops

Native To: Europe, North Africa, and India

Characteristics: A colorless to pale yellow or yellowish green oil. Slick between the fingers, it is quick to absorb into the skin. When consumed, the taste can be somewhat sharp.


Lavender Essential oil is an amazing general remedy, and can arguably be called the most versatile of all the essential oils. Used topically, it can help sooth sunburns, insect bites, abrasions, and general aches and pains. When inhaled, it can help lift a depressed mood, calm anxieties and a wide range of stresses, and can help stabilize emotions. It is a strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal that can help disinfect wounds and keep the body clean. When diffused into a room, it helps to repel insects and clean the air.

There are so many amazing properties of Lavender Essential Oil that we can't possibly list them all on our website. Instead, we strongly encourage you to contact us before your purchase so we can give you specific information on how to use this oil to benefit your specific needs. Andrea Schally, our internationally certified Aromatherapist (helping guide people with oils since 1994), can assist in helping you with the proper and safe use of all our essential oils.

Active Constituents: High content of esters such as linalyl butyrate, and geranyl acetate. Also contains linalol, -ocimeme, cineole, limonene, -pinene, coumarine, borneol, ethyl amyl ketone, and sesquiterpene, carohpyllene oxide.

Safety Precautions: Follow General Essential Oil Safety

The recommended uses are meant to be guidelines.  Essential oils are potent tools to prevent, maintain and enhance physical and all encompassing well-being. Scentsible Life does not recommend self-diagnoses or treatment of any minor or major aliment.  Please consult with a professional health care provider before use.

If you would like a professional treatment with essential oils book a session online or contact us here.