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5 ml, therapeutic grade Essential Oil

Latin Name: Lavendula augustifolia

Plant Info: Derived from the Latin root, lavare, meaning 'to wash', the Romans used Lavender as a bathing herb to cleanse the body. Lavender's burn healing properties were discovered by accident, when a scientist experienced a bad burn and poured Lavender over the burn. He found that the essential oil healed the burn without leaving a scar.

Parts Used: Flowering Tops

Native To: Europe, North Africa, and India

Characteristics: A colorless to pale yellow or yellowish green oil. Slick between the fingers, it is quick to absorb into the skin. When consumed, the taste can be somewhat sharp.


All essential oils have many properties (therapeutic and otherwise).  It is impossible to give an adequate description of the entire properties and uses of essential oils

If you would like to learn about essential oils in a deeper or more specific way, we encourage you to contact us to achieve maximum benefit.